Who We Are

Transforming the Business of Government

At InquisIT, we believe the business of government is vital to our nation and demands the highest caliber of contractor services. InquisIT is a catalyst that is “transforming the business of government” by disrupting the norm in services delivery in an effort to develop genuine, collaborative partnerships with customers. We view government’s rapidly modernizing IT demands as a challenge to innovate and deliver services and solutions that provide a unique customer experience—one based on trust, integrity, and excellence. Together, we discover new ways to optimize performance and implement creative, metrics-based technology solutions. InquisIT helps to advance and secure government’s technology infrastructure and bring leading-edge technologies that more effectively meet needs and better serve the American taxpayer. We embrace the belief that by providing the best service possible to government, we ultimately provide the best service to our nation.


Our mission is to partner with government in implementing strategic and innovative technology solutions that measure and drive business process efficiencies and optimize mission success.


InquisIT will stand out in the federal marketplace as the “go to” company for leading-edge technology expertise and innovation, thought leadership, and a corporate culture of engaged, inspired employees committed to customers’ success.


These are the core values defined in the InquisITeer Credo that all “InquisITeers” live by—the way in which we approach our work, our colleagues, our customers, and the communities we serve.

Personal & Professional Excellence

Approach every day with the goal to be the best version of yourself, both intellectually and creatively, maintain personal accountability, and contribute in positive ways to customers’ success. Promote from within and foster the careers of our staff.


For better or worse always be transparent, demonstrate high values, operate honestly, and always have the courage to stand up for what is right.

Mutual Respect

Treat everyone with dignity, fairness, and courtesy, value diversity and other perspectives, and allow failure in search of innovative solutions.

Open Communication

Co-exist in an environment where independent ideas and opinions are respected and encouraged.


Give generously of your time and attention to opportunities involving the community or charitable organizations where your participation can make a positive difference in the world.

Service to the Nation

Act as stewards of the American taxpayer, by ensuring delivery through a metrics-based approach and embodying the missions of our customers.