The culture at InquisIT distinguishes itself from other companies in the way we…



intelligently, creatively, and innovatively with a constant focus on customer success.



in a team-oriented, open environment where everyone is encouraged to participate, and share ideas and opinions.



as a hard worker, passionate, energetic, and a fresh thinker who is highly-motivated to deliver beyond customer expectations.



as a team player and collaborator who is loyal, trustworthy, and committed to the shared vision of the company.



as stewards of the American Taxpayer, working to make people’s lives better and safer.

“At InquisIT, we want people to come for a career, not merely for a contract!”

Ben Keethler – Chief Executive Officer, InquisIT

InquisIT’s culture is built on a foundation of honesty, mutual trust, collaboration, and innovation. These are the things that make us feel empowered to do something great, to contribute in a safe environment where fresh ideas are sought out and recognized, and where working as one team results in success for everyone.

InquisIT’s leadership contributes greatly to the energy and enthusiasm within our culture. They set the standard for performance excellence for all employees and they model that behavior for us every day. They support new ideas and value positive change; they enjoy social times and employee comradery, and they take opportunities to praise and reward our efforts to create and innovate for the good of all. We are energized and inspired by their professionalism and leadership strength!