The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) procures over a half billion dollars of Professional Support Services (PSS) each year for its headquarters’ Directorates, Program Executive Offices (PEOs), and field activities. In order to meet the Navy strategic sourcing wedge, NAVSEA committed to $250M in savings by procuring PSS more efficiently. Coupled with this need, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) directed that 50% of all support services be procured using performance based contracting by the year 2005. Furthermore, NAVSEA had more than 450 separate PSS contracts supporting its requirements. Most of these efforts were not integrated from a Command perspective, utilized a multitude of different processes in which to procure the services, and did not leverage corporate buying habits or e-business to facilitate the processes. In addition, the services were predominantly procured via level of effort vice performance-based terms.

NAVSEA established the SeaPort Office to meet these the NAVSEA strategic sourcing wedge and the OSD performance based contracting directive while bringing order to NAVSEA PSS acquisitions. The vision was to provide a faster, better, and cheaper means in which to procure PSS.

InquisIT Contract Number: N00178-12-D-6910
Contract Period of Performance: 31 May 2005 through 4 April 2019 (including award term options)
Contract Place of Performance: Zones 1, 2 and 3


Task Orders

N00178-12-D-6910 DO0001


Team Members

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Customer Satisfaction

InquisIT’s mission is to help our customers recognize the full potential of their IT investments. The three business tenets that have led to InquisIT’s successes in achieving this mission are customer, focus employee focus and value.

Please let us know how we are doing in achieving our mission or if you are in the need of additional support.


Quality Assurance Plan

Our QA Plan calls for the implementation of concrete practices and measures designed to ensure that our services are performed in accordance with defined, performance-based metrics.

The InquisIT Team’s approach to quality assurance comprises three distinct procedures:

Planning Assurance Control
Evaluate/coordinate Standardize data, materials, tools, methods Maintain records
Identify controls or processes Perform with precision Analyze trends
Coordinate Present results professionally Monitor corrective actions
Training Supervise progress Conduct reviews
Review final products and services for compliance

Quality Planning: Quality planning equals understanding the requirements. We base our quality assessment program for any product or service on a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements. Our managers identify the quality standards relevant to each project and determine how to satisfy them.

Quality Assurance: QA is the methodology and data acquisition procedures used to evaluate overall project performance and provide confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards. These procedures will define the technical approach to be used for each task and will include a clear description of the metrics to be used to gauge the level of performance. However, developing a good set of metrics is only the first step in assuring quality. We also apply an accurate, consistent and dependable process to collect the data elements necessary to apply the established metrics.

Quality Control: QC is accomplished by product and services reviews. Our managers and technical leads monitor specific project results to determine if they comply with quality standards and identify ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance. Inspections and in-process reviews are an integral part of our QC methodology. The Project Manager will conduct two program quality control reviews: monthly and annually.

Monthly Quality Control Reviews: Every month, the Project Manager will conduct a quality review of each performance area. The purpose of this review is two fold: (1) to identify improvements or process/procedural changes that will improve services and (2) to identify potential or actual problems and assign any required corrective actions. The Project Manager will analyze monthly performance metrics to identify any performance trends or exceptions that could prevent meeting specified performance levels. The Project Manager will work with the Supervisors to develop performance improvement actions, if required, and will monitor these actions until performance improves. All QC activities will be included in The InquisIT Team’s monthly program status report.

Annual Quality Control Review: Once a year, The Project Manager with the assistance of the Supervisors, and The InquisIT Team’s corporate QA specialists, will review all contract activities for compliance with corporate QA policies. This annual review will ensure that all metrics are properly collected, documented, evaluated and reported in accordance with corporate and contract policies. The review will also ensure that the Supervisors conduct, document and report on QA activities as required. Finally, the Supervisors will work with QA specialists to improve processes and ensure that our metrics and QA evaluations provide the information needed to properly evaluate The InquisIT Team’s performance.


Points of Contact

Mike McDermott
Phone: 703-657-7813

Human Resources
Carlton Florin
Phone: 703-966-5045