Enterprise Infrastructure

Federal agencies are finally jumping on the bandwagon to reap the benefits of enterprise services. As a result, they have also seen cost increases in hardware, labor, and data center needs to manage these new architectures. InquisIT understands the complexity and challenges of keeping up with increased infrastructure amid diminishing budgets. We make it easier for customers to take advantage of innovative technical solutions that help streamline business and increase efficiency while keeping costs down to a manageable level. InquisIT provides customers with the full range of data center and infrastructure support services to include in environments blending cloud and legacy services. Our superior engineers also implement virtual and remote access solutions to support the increasingly mobile workforce.

At InquisIT, we take a forward-looking approach to operational support ensuring we meet today’s needs and can scale to the future. This approach drives multiple benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced risks, and reduced costs, while also meeting all security constraints. We deliver security and available infrastructure services integrating Change Management, Monitoring, Performance Management, Maintenance (including Break/Fix), and Field Support and Engineering. InquisIT completes network, infrastructure, wireless, and server management tasks within the Data Center. Integration engineers ensure a complete understanding of data flow and data management across the infrastructure delivering the right information quickly. In this way, InquisIT maximizes your use of technology to drive mission success.

Specific services offered in this area include:

Data Center Operations
Modernization & Enhancements
Network & Server Management
Desktop & Field Support Customer & User Training
Mobile & IT Device Management
Contact Center & Helpdesk Operations