Systems Engineering

InquisIT brings Federal Customers significant experience and expertise in the multiple-disciplines that comprise Systems Engineering. Our work is based on a solid foundation of the ISO 15288 model and CMMI best practices. We understand our customers’ needs and we work to develop innovative engineering solutions tailored to solve their most difficult mission challenges. Implementing technical and management processes are vital to minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency. By applying a standardized process to technical and managerial aspects of our customer operations, we are able to ensure an accurate understanding of their requirements and goals.

Our approach begins with planning and moves through decision analysis, assessment, and requirements management. In the first few steps, we assure a complete understanding of all customer requirements and operations goals fueling the exceptional quality InquisIT consistently delivers. InquisIT ensures alignment to internal agency engineering processes and documentation deliverables. Solutions are designed and engineered meeting all intent and requirements. Configuration control, data management, integration, verification, and production support are critical components of success.

Our managerial model for system engineering includes: analysis, review, change implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement. This same strategy is applied to the completion of technical processes to track success and impact of enhancements.

The entirety of these processes is interdisciplinary and we know the right staff to choose for each step. InquisIT’s engineering staff works closely with agency program managers and executives to continue adherence to the System Development Life Cycle as well as transition into a maintenance phase.

Specific Services offered under this area:

Requirements Analysis
Integration, test, & Implementation
System Design & Engineering
Test & Evaluation
Performance Monitoring & Tuning
Technical Management Process Support