Success Story

Census Bureau

InquisIT Expertise in VDI Technologies “Pays Off” for the U.S. CENSUS BUREAU

The U. S. Census Bureau is the primary source of statistics about the population and economy of the United States. These statistics assist the Congress, the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, state and local governments, the general public, and the private sector in the development and evaluation of social and economic activities.


The Census Bureau LAN Technology Support Office (LTSO) is responsible for managing and supporting physical and virtual desktop, and application resources for employees, contractors, partners, and customers. To advance their goal of enabling a diverse, geographically dispersed workforce, the Census Bureau wanted a secure virtual desktop capability designed to facilitate continuity of operations, reduce costs, and provide a long-term telework solution that gives staff at all levels, the ability to access necessary Census Bureau data and applications remotely.


LTSO selected InquisIT to support the Desktop Virtualization initiative because of their proven expertise and extensive experience with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies. InquisIT provides the Census Bureau’s Desktop Virtualization Branch with a continuation and expansion of architecture, engineering, and operations support services. This includes 24x7x365 support to an environment of 149 IBM and Cisco UCS Blades, over 1500 VMs, approximately 2300 Thin Clients, and a population of 18,000 customers.

Specific Services include:

  • Subject matter expertise in the architecture, build, and release of enterprise virtual environments using Citrix virtualization and VMware hypervisor technology in direct support of Census Bureau Regional Office and Decennial business goals.
  • Experience in review, analysis, troubleshooting and coordination with project managers, integrators, customers and administrators of the above technologies in support of emerging business requirements.
  • Knowledge of installation, configuration, deployment, and operational support of enterprise installations of virtual desktops, applications, and supporting enterprise infrastructure to enhance application availability and environment functionality.
  • Direct customer support through the VDI Triage Desk.

Results/Customer Benefits

Average of 4500 user per day Accessing data from Any Device, Anywhere, at Anytime

InquisIT’s VDI deployment support in late 2011 enabled the Census Bureau to migrate 800 customers and close six of 12 Regional Offices at the end of 2012. This resulted in an annual savings of $15-18 million from the field realignment.  In 2015, InquisIT supported the migration of the six remaining Regional Office staffs to VDI as a continuation of their data center consolidation and modernization efforts.

In addition to the successful field realignment and associated costs savings, InquisIT’s support of the Census VDI environment has enabled employees and the agency to remotely access Census Bureau data and applications to consistently provide quality data during inclement weather and site closures. Since December of 2013, there has been a 630% increase in internal use and a 389% increase in external use, driving the ratio of average external to internal users to 46.67% as of April 2016. With an average daily load of 4500 users, internal and remote access, have become an important part of everyday Census operations.

In support of the increases in VDI use throughout the enterprise, in the summer of 2015, InquisIT began providing Census customers with direct support for VDI incidents through the VDI Triage Desk; available 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM, Monday – Friday. Staff are dedicated to providing first-call resolutions for direct contacts and escalations, and to reducing ticket processing times for an improved customer experience. Census saw an average “speed-to-answer” rate of 6 seconds on 687 calls and 553 tickets in the first month of operation.

Though budget constraints have caused a reduction in available funds for this very successful program, InquisIT – demonstrating its commitment to maintaining the highest quality of service to its customers – initiated a new plan. The company will continue to provide superior engineering and operations support to Census at a cost reduction of 66%, enabled through process standardization and a reduction of onsite staff support. As a result, InquisIT has been able to ensure that the VDI environment continues to be available to customers from any device, anywhere, and at any time!