Success Story

U.S. Department of the NAVY

Human Resource Benefits Call Center (HRBCC)

The U.S. Navy chooses InquisIT to provide over 200,000 Navy civilians with Benefits information Help Desk support through a turn-key contact center

U.S. Navy Civilian Human Resources Benefits Contact center (HRBCC) provides administrative and processing services to over 200,000 Navy civilians, responding to more than 100,000 service requests annually. The center processes phone calls, email, fax, mail, and TTY/TDD. HRBCC’s primary task is to provide superior customer service when assisting current, retired, and prospective Navy civilian employees who are seeking advice, guidance, and hands-on help regarding their benefits packages.


The Navy needed support in identifying and building out a facility to host the HRBCC. They also wanted the contractor to assume full responsibility for year-round and open-season processing services for all Navy Civilian benefits.  This included printing and distribution, data transmission, enrollment processing, and customer service support. With more than 30 different health plans, multiple TSP options, and FEGLI elections, the skill level required of CSRs approaches the Human Resources (HR) expert level.  The contractor would have to develop and implement a high quality training plan to ensure all staff are expert in the range of benefits and benefit administration.


  • InquisIT established an internal (on-site) and external (remote from InquisIT headquarters) oversight arrangement for the HRBCC. They selected and built out the facility, developed the call center infrastructure necessary to support the effort, including the ACD system with an IVRS, VoIP communications, and network and storage infrastructure.
  • InquisIT built unparalleled back-up and redundancy features into the facility’s network and infrastructure. The Machias facility is fully redundant in terms of power, networking, and voice capabilities. InquisIT manages the Navy’s GFE NMCI computer systems and established and manages a fully redundant communications and computer processing system. They procured, provisioned, configured, and currently support all IT hardware and software necessary to maintain the operations of the call center.
  • InquisIT prints and distributes benefits-related materials according to the contract specifications, as requested by callers, and/or as directed by the CBC staff. They distribute materials via first-class mail, email, and/or fax, including traceable mailings as required by the HRBCC SOPs. On average, each packaged form mailing, such as Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC) packages and retirement packages, comprises seven pages, and InquisIT CSRs mail more than 7,500 pages of this type of material each year. They also mail approximately 3,500 pages per year in terms of form letters, including carrier termination notifications, Leave Without Pay (LWOP) letters, FEHB termination letters, and more.
  • As part of our quality control processes InquisIT implemented a Wall Board, which is a real-time dashboard displaying call statistics, such as the number of active calls, the number of calls in the queue, average wait time, and other details, in view of all CSRs on the contact center floor. The CSRs use this data, which is also directly available to our Navy customer, to self-correct and motivate performance as needed.

Results/Customer Benefits

Along with consistently updating HRBCC’s Knowledgebase, InquisIT streamlined and updated HRBCC SOPs, which had not been revised in over 10 years.

InquisIT stood up a new facility in less than two weeks. The company consistently exceeds SLAs through our innovative quality control measures.

HRBCC CSRs participate in a peer review process to inspect CRM tickets. To date, there has been approximately one error in nearly 350,000 transactions. InquisIT also utilizes monitoring technology, such as a Wallboard, which displays real-time call statistics at HRBCC. Our Wallboard shows the number of active calls, number of calls in the queue, average wait time, and other details, in view of all CSRs on the contact center floor.