Migrating Mission Workloads

Cloud Architecture & Migration

Cloud Smartly & Wisely

Federal agencies are striving to achieve a Cloud Smart strategy by prioritizing security, workforce, and procurement initiatives.

InquisIT’s expertise in cloud computing helps your agency accomplish this by integrating security and cloud architecture best practices early into the lifecycle.

We prioritize cloud-native components for ease of administration and the delivery of budget-minded integrations to accommodate critical workloads.  By leveraging our validated approach to cloud programs, our experts are prepared to integrate your unique requirements into an elastic, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

The Problem


Agencies are striving to stay ahead of rapidly-changing Cloud offerings. While the move to ‘Cloud First’ was beneficial in helping to downsize the Government’s computing fingerprint, residual challenges can exist around support and scalability.


The Solution

Our Approach

Vendor Agnostic Approach

We place your requirements above all else, and prioritize cost as the key resource when developing for Cloud. 

Our solutions integrate cutting-edge technology, period. 

You can rest easy knowing that our architects are designing your network for you, and not someone else.

Elastic Design

We leverage automation and dynamic technologies in all solutions we build, supporting highly available, resilient, and scalable environments.

Understanding that most reside in multi-cloud environments, we highlight customizability as a key tenet of our approach, giving you full flexibility and control.

Security as an Enabler

For the first time in the modern IT era, building secure networks does not prevent innovation, but instead simplifies it! 

By developing systems that support least functionality and align with compliance initiatives, we help agencies cut costs, meet metrics, and stay off the front page of the Post!

The Successes


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