Enhancing Mission Ability

Infrastructure Operations Support

Supporting Your Operations For Mission Success

Creating an exceptional level of service requires balancing security, systems support, and cost constraints.

Many IT companies within the federal market look the same, but only a few are truly equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and track record to provide you with the exceptional service our taxpayers deserve.

Our ITILv4-aligned approaches deliver support that increases value through data-driven continuous improvement. 

The business of the government cannot stop, no matter what. InquisIT ensures that you and your users have the IT services you need, when you need them. 

The Problem


Agencies are finding that getting ahead of issues at the service desk is a massive hurdle. Often considered the front line for IT at most organizations, this service area requires the most time, discipline, careful attention, and constant tuning to remain efficient.


  • Issues implementing ITSM best practices are leading to poor customer experience and increased visibility across the user population.
  • Common technologies such as instant messaging or video-teleconferencing seem straightforward and widespread, but can be a challenge to adopt due to poor planning practices.
  • Heavy call volumes to service desks are keeping support staff occupied, eliminating time to adequately identify root cause and get ahead of issues.

The Solution

Our Approach

Customer Experience

Often brushed aside as the newest buzz word, customer experience takes a new look at what it means to succeed.

We have seen huge success at numerous federal agencies by adjusting the focus away from just SLAs, and placing the emphasis on end-user satisfaction.

Driving high metrics is meaningless if they don’t benefit the end users, after all!

Continuous Improvement

We don’t just say we have continuous improvement–we put it into writing.

By consistently tightening metrics on our contracts to reflect the increasing level of service that our modernization efforts and other improvements provide, we drive accountability to our customers.

You can rest assured that InquisIT never rests on our laurels, and continues to drive improvement throughout the lifecycle of your contract.

Shift-Left Approach

At InquisIT, we have a mantra – ‘If a task is done more than once, it gets documented’.  This can be in the form of SOPs, cross-training material, or automation runbooks.

InquisIT frees up more technical staff from routine troubleshooting through documenting procedures, training junior staff, and self-service options to get recurring tasks down to Tier 0, thus, freeing up your team’s time to achieve strategic goals.

Customer Success


  • Voluntarily tightened more than half of all SLAs on contracts we support to drive efficiency and innovative change, demonstrating tangible progress toward continuous improvement for our customers.
75 %
  • We maintain 99.99% uptime for all mission critical systems we support. In 2019, we met or exceeded 100% of all contract SLAs.
$ 0 MIL
  • Implemented customer experience metrics analysis and shift-left, driving Tier 0 solutions and automations yielding $1.5 Million in agency savings.
Supported Teleworkers
  • Our contracts are achieving mission success throughout the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic by supporting telework for over 30,000 government staff within 72 hours, and meeting contract SLAs through an over 300% increase in Service Desk tickets.
0 %
First Call Resolution
  • Our service desks maintain an 87% average First Call Resolution (FCR) metric across all of our contracts, implemented CX best practices, and achieved all-Exceptional CPARS in FY19.

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