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Most federal agencies have spent thousands of dollars in the past decade procuring security tools to try to secure their assets. While having the right tools is one main part of the solution, implementing those tools properly and setting up a Zero Trust Architecture that actually works is most important.

Adopting a Zero Trust Architecture is like having all the ingredients in your kitchen for a Holiday Dinner, but problem is, you just don’t know how to put it all together, and a ticking clock is counting down to when your guests will arrive.

Sometimes, you need to call someone who knows their way around the kitchen

You can have all the right ingredients in your kitchen to cook a meal or bake a cake, but depending on how you put those ingredients together, in what order, and with what methods for for you to end up with the results you want. If you don’t know what you’re doing in the kitchen, having the right ingredients will not guarantee you a successful outcome.

In the same way, while having procured the right tools for your agency to support zero trust architecture, if you don’t know how to set those tools up with the right methods, applying the right best practices, and having a thorough understanding of your agency’s data, how it gets accessed and by whom, those tools alone will not protect your agency from cyber threats.

This is why calling on the right people with the right expertise is critical to your agency’s success. InquisIT meets you where you are, with the products that you have, to create a solution that works with your agency.

In an era where increasing cyberthreats pose a risk to enterprise systems and infrastructure and interfere with critical business operations within the Federal Government, we strive to provide enterprise security solutions that encompass the Zero Trust Architecture to ensure the security of our Federal Customers and the work they perform.

Don’t get hacked. Get InquisIT.

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