20th Mile

The 20th mile is something we all feel. You marathoners know first-hand it is the mile marker where the most runners fall out of the race. You have so many miles under your belt, but the end just doesn’t quiet seem to be in sight. It’s a test of mental fortitude.

You Have Control
We have all been there – albeit most of us not in an actual marathon. You put in a ton of work, get through a lot of tasks, and still you start to fall off. It happens so easily but don’t forget, you have full control of staying in the race.

Check Your Thinking
You get down if you let yourself get down. You stop only if you let yourself stop. You can also get yourself back up. As human beings, we are toughest on ourselves. It doesn’t have to be this way. Reset your conviction. Be your own cheerleader – not heckler. Know that doubt will exist and pass. You can ensure it never wins. Yes, there is more work to do, more distance to cover, and it won’t be easy. But, the finish line is worth it.

Be a PIG!
Be the pig, not the chicken. Remember that old breakfast-plate story with the eggs and the bacon? The chicken lays the eggs and is done, whereas, the pig is fully committed with the bacon. Commitment builds resilience. Keep one foot in front of the other. Step by step you will get it all done. Encourage yourself. This is the one time it’s really okay to call yourself a pig!

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