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March 1, 2019

Coaching the Team

Positivity with a Purpose

Our job as business leaders seems straight forward.  Set a strategy that people can get behind; build a team to execute on the strategy; and provide a mechanism for analysis and accountability around the results.  While it may be easy to provide a good high-level definition of what we do, the details of “how” is where success lies; and sometimes we even get in our own way.  Once the team is built, the way in which we align them to our vision, and treat them on a day to day basis, is key to creating the results we seek. 

Show Confidence in the Team

A team needs to know their leader has confidence in them.  There will be mistakes, failures, and tribulations along the way.  That is part of building any winning and successful organization.  We as leaders have to trust that we make good decisions in those we hire. Allow them to find their way, knowing you have confidence that they will hit the desired results.  Is this to say that we never have a tough conversation nor hold them accountable?  Absolutely not – but your tact and the impression you leave with them will highly impact their ability to achieve those results. Also, negative feedback is actually healthy and required to promote engaged employees. It takes re-affirming, many times over, that you have confidence in each member of your team for them to garner confidence in themselves.  Know your people and show them your assurance.

Your Answers are in Front of You

As I have said in previous blogs, it is an easy mistake to think that the answer is “out there.”  That some magical future hire can come in and solve your most pressing issues.  It is simply not reality and in fact introduces many other issues, which at the top of the list will be frustration and disappointment for you and the team that you have built. 

Know your team.  Know their strengths and their weaknesses.  Have the courage to be transparent in where they can best impact the business.  Don’t stand on ceremony and the “typical definition” of a title.  Your business is yours – make it your own.  Design the construct of the team to leverage where they best fit and what is going to drive desired results.  You built the team, now put them on the field in a system that drives the wins.

Positive Thinking

Controlling your own thoughts, keeping your own life positive, and encouraging positive thoughts in others also helps to ensure business success.  Spend 20 minutes on the internet and do a little research for yourself, it is irrefutable.  Not only will you find articles that will tell you that positivity is great for stress relief, reducing heart attack rates, increasing pain tolerance, life-span etc., it will actually drive business results. You will see opportunities in challenges, ways to use your team the most effective way, and see people’s strengths versus being frustrated by their weaknesses. And, you have an opportunity to impact the lives of those you lead and help them to realize the same benefits.  Success starts with a positive vision and the belief that you can get there.  Control your thoughts, be purposeful about being positive, and optimistically lead your team.