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May 16, 2017

Failure is not an option!

This may be an admirable statement, but is it really productive for innovation and decision making? The blend of our collective creativity, fear of failure, and courage to push forward is what ultimately drives innovation. As leaders, that means we must support these traits – and sometimes support failure and risk. For progress to be made and innovation to thrive, we must to be willing to take risks as individuals and make decisions, sometimes not entirely knowing what that outcome will be. This means that we also make ourselves vulnerable to mistakes. Condition those around you to appreciate the value of making a decision and understand that change in direction is okay. To innovate, we have to push limits which means that there are times we should reward failure as a means to an end. Strong leaders recognize the balance between decision making and risk. Help rising leaders to understand the value of movement and accept risk while mitigating what they can. Be the role model and inspire the courage to walk in certain darkness to get to the light.