Is your contractor fulfilling their cybersecurity role within your Federal agency?

Recruiting Cybersecurity Candidates

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission, a federally funded body established to develop strategies to defend the US against cyber attacks, conducted a year-long study in 2019 and concluded that the US is dangerously insecure in cyber. Their report detailed how threat actors, including nations-states, have subverted American power, security and even way of life through cyber-attacks.

“The reality is that we are dangerously insecure in cyber. Your entire life—your paycheck, your health care, your electricity—increasingly relies on networks of digital devices that store, process, and analyze data. These networks are vulnerable, if not already compromised. Our country has lost hundreds of billions of dollars to nation-state-sponsored intellectual property theft using cyber espionage. A major cyberattack on the nation’s critical infrastructure and economic system would create chaos and lasting damage exceeding that wreaked by fires in California, floods in the Midwest, and hurricanes in the Southeast.”— The Cybersecurity Solarium Commission, March 2020

314,000 Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs in 2020 in the US

According to another report published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in January, the U.S. faced a shortfall of around 314,000 unfilled cybersecurity professionals as of the beginning of this year.
It is projected that the global cybersecurity workforce shortage will reach 1.8 million unfilled positions by 2022!

In such a high demand market, how can Federal agencies and contractors attract and retain crucial talent?

Attracting Cybersecurity Candidates

InquisIT’s recruiting team takes the cybersecurity recruiting challenge head on, and we’ve laid out the key tenets of success in a new white paper for our FederalCustomers.

InquisIT stands out from other federal contractors and ensure our Federal Customers stay protected by offering:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Inclusion in I-Force
  • Unique Opportunities
  • Engagement with the Community 
  • Flexibility for both the candidate and recruiting requirements
Recruiting and Retaining Cybersecurity Candidates

Read our White Paper: Recruiting Cybersecurity Candidates

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Retaining Cybersecurity Candidates

Too often this problem is boiled down to pay, but what makes a person take and stay with a job has a number of other, more important factors.

“People leave jobs, and it’s up to managers to design jobs that are too good to leave. Great bosses set up shields — they protect their employees from toxicity. They also open doors to meaningful tasks and learning opportunities — they enable their people to be energized by their projects, to perform at their best, and to move forward professionally without taking steps backward at home.” – Harvard Business Review

InquisIT succeeds with a 98%

Cybersecurity Retention Rate

By targeting areas important for cybersecurity staff, such as professional development, opportunity for career growth, and competitive compensation packages, InquisIT has been able to retain 98% of our cybersecurity staff and bring aboard top talent in less than 5 days.

Is Your Federal Agency Getting the Talent Needed to Stay Protected?

“Our country is at risk, not only from a catastrophic cyberattack but from millions of daily intrusions disrupting everything from financial transactions to the inner workings of our electoral system.” – The Cybersecurity Solarium Commission

InquisIT - Transforming the Business of Government

At InquisIT, we believe the business of government is vital to our nation and demands the highest caliber of contractor services. InquisIT is a catalyst that is “transforming the business of government” by disrupting the norm in services delivery in an effort to develop genuine, collaborative partnerships with customers. We view government’s rapidly modernizing IT demands as a challenge to innovate and deliver services and solutions that provide a unique customer experience—one based on trust, integrity, and excellence. Together, we discover new ways to optimize performance and implement creative, metrics-based technology solutions. InquisIT helps to advance and secure government’s technology infrastructure and bring leading-edge technologies that more effectively meet needs and better serve the American taxpayer. We embrace the belief that by providing the best service possible to government, we ultimately provide the best service to our nation.

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