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January 2, 2019

Keep Your Foot on the Gas

Working with many businesses, as well as having the responsibility of running them, I have noticed a key difference in those that are wildly successful in producing revenues and profits, and have an overwhelming sense of excitement, versus those that suffer. Successful leaders keep a foot on the gas – through good and bad times in the business.

Be Aware of the Enemies

Always having your foot on the gas is not to suggest a carelessness. It is having the judgement to know when you put the pedal to the floor and when you pull up a bit. There are challenges to keeping your foot on the gas, all of which could be written about individually – hunger, complacency, a drive for perfection, fear of the “what-ifs” etc. We as leaders must be aware of what might be robbing us of our ability to press down on the gas pedal and make the decisions to keep the business moving.

Maintain Clarity for Business Success

I offer one piece of advice to all potential leaders coming up in the ranks or even to those who are sitting at the top today. Your brain is your most valuable muscle and the first to be exhausted (especially by others). Your clarity, thinking time, and awareness, are all critical to keeping your foot on the gas and your business moving forward. Managing your time and hobbies to allow you time to think, maintain clarity, and be aware of both yourself and others, is what makes for the best rapid decisions and reduces the rework – which, by the way, is never entirely unavoidable!