Success Story

Department of Transportation (DOT)

InquisIT Streamlines Processes and Increases Efficiency in Commercial Vehicle Violation Resolution

FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) was established within DOT to work with Federal, State, and local enforcement agencies, the motor carrier industry, and other safety interest groups, to help prevent commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries.

FMCSA’s National Claims History Database (NCHDB), a toll-free hotline and their web-based National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB), are used as the primary tools in directing DOT FMCSA enforcement resources to potential regulatory and criminal violations. FMCSA NCHDB notifies enforcement of valid violations and redirects callers to an approved list of referral numbers within the DOT on the Federal and State level.


FMCSA wanted to update their integrated claims hotline and complaint database with new capabilities that include multi-channel contact availability with e-mail, web, fax, TTY, and postal mail delivery options. They also wanted a Customer Relationship Management tool for ticketing that would include state and federal stakeholders and provide a means for FMCSA’s enforcement division to manage valid complaints from start to finish. Additionally, they needed the contact center services to be performed at a turn-key contractor location with the systems fully security accredited.


InquisIT provided a full range multi-channel system and contact-center expertise to support the FMCSA NCHDB hotline and NCCDB complaint web-based database. 

  • Provided proactive services that involve all aspects FMCSA NCHDB – tools, people, processes, and policies.
  • Updated Standard Operating Procedures to reflect updated technical, procedural, and process-driven information based on the Federal Regulation Code of Transportation.
  • Provided two bi-lingual English/Spanish speaking Customer Service Agents (CSAs) to accommodate Hispanic consumers, motorists, and carriers.
  • Added contact center CSA training in de-escalation procedures and hotline-specific educational training.
  • Performed network security monitoring and enhancement.
  • Provided Continuous Monitoring– NIST, FISMA, and DOT compendium compliance.
  • Performed weekly and monthly compliance scans, vulnerability assessments, patch assessments, malware scans.
  • Implemented Network intrusion detection and host intrusion detection.
  • Implemented 2-factor authentication (PIV card).

Results/Customer Benefits

Average call talk/work time of 11 minutes, calls are resolved on first contact 95% of the time.

InquisIT delivered tools and technical expertise that helped FMCSA to improve their business processes and organizational structures (particularly on the state level). FMCSA also benefited from improved accuracy, upgraded tracking, reduced disposition timeframes, and increased efficiencies in data reports delivery. All work was done at InquisIT’s contact center facilities.

InquisIT enabled business process improvements using the Parature Customer Relationship Management System which provides a means for state and federal DOT offices to work in one-ticketing system to resolve cases of state and federal violation, providing faster dispositions and faster resolution for consumers, motorists, and carriers. This customized and accredited Customer Relationship Management tool allows a single action to be initiated, worked, resolved, and closed involving all parties. This will encapsulate investigations into one efficient tool with all information available by using the Parature Customer Service Desktop. All tickets are stored in the cloud.