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June 17, 2016

So, a blog...

So, a blog...

When we decided to put a blog together the subject was actually easy.  Core to our principle is igniting some fire in those we work with and giving to those around us.  We wanted to offer something in an area that no one else was talking about. We thought, if we want to read about cyber security, cloud computing, or why the government should use less LPTA bids, we can look anywhere. But what is something that no one is talking about, especially in federal contracting, that actually matters so much more? It’s leadership.

We are in an industry that is much different from many others. We are fortunate enough to be awarded multi-million dollar, multi-year contracts with a customer who rarely takes them away, no matter what the condition. This amount of money, and the fact that it is committed for years at a time, allows businesses significant longevity – even if not always deserved. And, on these contracts, we often take over a large percentage of the incumbent staff. The technology that most of us sustain or implement, while advanced, is certainly not “bleeding edge.” So then, why is it when certain companies take over a contract, things get better and when others take a contract over and they get worse?  How do some companies flourish and others stagnate?  Why do some employee bases feel like they are someplace special, while others just work contract to contract? It’s leadership.

There are many aspects and areas of leadership that we will write about. Sometimes you will agree and there will be times when you don’t. In this blog, over the coming years, we will talk about many facets of leadership as well as those pertaining directly to our market. The hope is that this blossoms into something truly unique and in line with the principles of InquisIT. That is, that we ignite passion and give to others; that the people who read this blog will take a little something away that they use to improve their own lives as well as the lives of the people around them.