White Paper: Automation in Infrastructure Programs

IT operations are expanding every year. Businesses and governments are constantly adding new technologies to their enterprises in an effort to boost productivity and stay competitive. As enterprises expand and become more complex, they require additional effort to maintain. Hordes of engineers and technicians are tapped to keep these growing systems online, and IT growth and development becomes prohibitively expensive over time.

This is where automation becomes critical in ensuring the success of a modern organization. Intelligent Automation allows IT operations to expand without increasing costs. In fact, automating an IT enterprise will reduce costs over time while bringing a number of other benefits. As IT tasks are centralized and offloaded to software, engineers and technicians are given more time to focus on security, optimization, and future-proofing the enterprise.

A fully-automated enterprise is a healthy enterprise, where central management software is handling device monitoring, patching, and configuration. Automation software can allow engineers to see the state of the entire enterprise at any moment. Engineers then assess areas needing improvement as well as address any outages as they occur.

InquisIT - Transforming the Business of Government

At InquisIT, we believe the business of government is vital to our nation and demands the highest caliber of contractor services. InquisIT is a catalyst that is “transforming the business of government” by disrupting the norm in services delivery in an effort to develop genuine, collaborative partnerships with customers. We view government’s rapidly modernizing IT demands as a challenge to innovate and deliver services and solutions that provide a unique customer experience—one based on trust, integrity, and excellence. Together, we discover new ways to optimize performance and implement creative, metrics-based technology solutions. InquisIT helps to advance and secure government’s technology infrastructure and bring leading-edge technologies that more effectively meet needs and better serve the American taxpayer. We embrace the belief that by providing the best service possible to government, we ultimately provide the best service to our nation.

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