Fall in Love with Being Great!

There are a lot of New Year’s resolutions and commitments to new starts floating around this time of year. What are they really all about? Becoming a better person, being more fit, breaking a bad habit, etc? So, I say, let’s take a step back and simply fall in love with being great.

What is your Great?

Being great is totally self-defined. No one can tell you what being great is for you. It is your own definition. For me, it is focus on mind, body, and spirit — keep learning, have patience, persevere through what life throws my way, keep dreaming big, and push myself and those around me. Take some time to think and find your “great!”

It’s a Journey!

Accomplishing any goal – especially something like becoming your great – takes time. We all live in a world of immediacy. We want immediate gratification in everything we do– like streaming whatever we want to watch, or taking pills, shakes, and surgeries to quickly look how we want, or even employing “creative” financing to have something that might ordinarily be out of our reach etc. Achieving greatness does not work that way. Fall in love with being great and enjoy the process it takes to get there. You must be patient. Give yourself time. There will be ups and downs. You will make mistakes. It will not happen quickly. Love the persistence it takes to get there. Love the changes over time. Love becoming your own “great.”

Happy New Year and cheers to all for greatness in 2018!

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