Is your federal data secure? Cybersecurity and Resiliency in the Covid Era

Don’t let rapid engineering for remote work leave you vulnerable. How can agencies keep pace with rapidly pivoting technology needs while staying secure? “The pandemic has prompted considerable discussion on making processes more robust for future pandemics. But government agencies also must be able to withstand as well as bounce back from shifting customer needs, […]

How can a Managed Services Provider (MSP) serve your Federal agency?

How can a Managed Services Provider (MSP) serve your Federal agency

Managed Services for the Federal Customer Federal CIOs and other IT Leaders have expressed an increasing interest in Managed Services for their agencies. But just like we saw in cyber, lots of companies will say “Of course we do managed services!” but only a few have a clear, proven, actionable plan and framework available to implement today. InquisIT brings […]

How can a managed service provider (MSP) support Federal IT?

Managed Services for the Federal Remote Workforce

Have you considered Managed Services to fill your IT support needs? Are you unsure of how it can be of benefit to your federal agency? COVID-19 is pushing the envelope towards fully-remote support staff. Here’s a quick video to run through the perks. Cost Savings: Managed services can save Federal agencies money. By contracting with […]

7 Important questions you need to ask when vetting any MSP

2020 has been the year of acceleration in Federal IT needs. Some agencies went from no remote work policy to maximum remote work within days, in many cases quadrupling the amount of teleworkers supported by their existing infrastructure. From de-normalizing data and conducting rapid preparations for machine learning and automated intelligence; to figuring out how […]