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How can a managed service provider (MSP) support Federal IT?

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Have you considered Managed Services to fill your IT support needs? Are you unsure of how it can be of benefit to your federal agency? COVID-19 is pushing the envelope towards fully-remote support staff. Here’s a quick video to run through the perks.

Cost Savings:

Cost Savings for InquisIT MSP

Managed services can save Federal agencies money. By contracting with an MSP, Federal agencies can simplify their IT cost models and project costs based on the infrastructure needs of the agency and the service levels needed. With an MSP, there is no need for a Federal agency to try to figure out cost projections based on hosting and managing systems in-house and managing FTEs.


Reliability by using MSP

Managed services can provide Federal agencies with reliable access to applications and data, anywhere the end-users are located. Federal agencies no longer need to worry about experiencing downtime, or inability to access mission critical data or applications due to increased demands on network infrastructure. Managed service providers are equipped to scale and provide the service levels necessary to support Federal end-users.


Federal agency IT needs change over time, and managed service providers have the ability to scale and adjust quickly to the needs of the customer. Since it is the responsibility of the managed service provider to maintain support based on service level established by the Federal customer, MSPs have the ability and agility to scale and adjust as necessary with enough ease and efficiency to continue to support Federal agencies and their evolving requirements over time.

Jeremy explains why federal agencies should consider MSPs to support their IT needs in the remote work era of Federal IT.

Managed Services Can Improve Security and Remote Work Capabilities

The Federal IT landscape is always changing, and today that change is accelerating. In addition to new technologies, cyber threats, user expectations, and a need to focus on data, the work environment has wholly evolved.

Federal Agencies are more motivated now than ever to implement robust telework solutions, assure users have all technology assets needed, and drive costs down through consolidations, real estate reductions, and scale.

Managed Services for the Federal Governmetn

Managed Services is a tool that should be in consideration to aid in these goals. By partnering with InquisIT for Managed IT Service, your agency can:

  • Free up your team to focus on actual mission priorities
  • Receive predictable costs and performance metrics
  • Build in elasticity and scale
  • Have access to short-term experts for projects
  • Be better poised to focus on data and data utilization
  • Maximize reliable remote work capability

Go to our Managed Services Page to learn more.

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Jeremy Trinka

Jeremy Trinka is a passionate Cybersecurity practitioner with experience spearheading projects in Information Security, Infrastructure Technology, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management, and Penetration Testing. Among his accomplishments, Jeremy has worked with organizations both proactively and re-actively to implement objectives which refine IT Security while maintaining productivity and efficiency. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Government, high-profile financial institutions, and healthcare organizations leading Information Security programs. Jeremy maintains a diverse set of certifications (CISSP, CEH, CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, ITILv3, Linux+, Project+, Security+, Network+, A+) and is an alumnus of Western Governors University with a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. He is a Solutions Architect and Sr. Security Engineer with InquisIT, and resides in Washington, DC Metro Area.

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